Frequently Asked Questions About Admissions at GWUOHS

If my student is admitted and enrolled full-time, what is included in their tuition?

Students enrolled at GWUOHS enjoy a rich, rigorous, and comprehensive education. They have access to:

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Enrollment in 6 full-year courses (12 semester equivalents)

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Textbooks, workbooks, lab materials (as applicable)

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Orientation including a 1:1 conference, Online Learning course, Q&A sessions

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Individualized Academic Plan for graduation and college planning, put together with their dedicated advisor

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Extensive, proactive teacher instruction and support

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Small online classes conducive to meaningful discussion and engagement

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Naviance account

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Access to Methodize (ACT/SAT-prep platform)

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Student clubs and activities

Once we submit an application, how long does it take to be reviewed?

Our enrollment office will determine if all necessary documents have been submitted. Once confirmed, the application is sent to the Head of School and Associate Head of School for review. They typically complete reviews within one business day.

Once reviews have been completed, we will reach out to inform you of the enrollment decision. This is usually completed within 2 business days of the final required document being accepted. If the student is accepted, full admission approval will be granted once tuition payment is made.

Is there a schedule for applications or an application deadline?

While we enroll students twice yearly for the fall and spring terms, we review and accept applications year-round. We have varying deadlines for students who are enrolling full-time or part-time as well as students who are enrolling in Advanced Placement® courses. Based on when students are approved, they’ll be placed in courses with the appropriate start date and work to catch up, if necessary.

Those who apply with complete and thorough applications comfortably ahead of deadlines will receive our most thoughtful consideration.

What is GWUOHS looking for in applications of prospective students?

When we receive an application, we look at the whole application and accept students with a range of academic success. We want to ensure students’ self-motivation and adaptability to a rigorous curriculum. 

What documents do I need to include with my application?

When submitting an application, families will need to include the following documentation: the student’s transcript, birth certificate, and student essay. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Once the school has reviewed these items and the student is accepted, tuition payment will be needed for the student to be approved.