Online High School Program & Curriculum at GWUOHS

At The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS), we provide our high school students with a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that includes challenging honors and AP® courses as well as opportunities for them to explore their interests and grow as students, as people, and as members of a community.

The GWUOHS High School Curriculum

GWUOHS uses the K12 curriculum, which provides our students with a broad foundation in English, math, science, history, and world languages. Our courses help students develop critical and creative thinking focusing on competence in written and oral communication.

As students progress through the curriculum, they continuously receive individualized attention from teachers, advisors, and college counselors. In all courses, students are encouraged to develop their intellectual independence and explore their curiosity.

Examples of courses available to high school students include:
American LiteratureEarth Science
British & World LiteratureChemistry
GeometryWorld History
Practical MathU.S. Government & Politics
Pre-CalculusU.S. & Global Economics

AP® & Honors Courses

GWUOHS offers many of our high school courses at multiple levels, including an honors level that provides students with a more challenging and rigorous survey of the subject area.

We also offer a large variety of Advanced Placement (AP)® courses to help our students prepare for their college education.

Some of the AP® classes we offer include:
English Literature and CompositionStatistics
U.S. HistoryBiology
PsychologyEnvironmental Science
MacroeconomicsSpanish Language & Culture
MicroeconomicsFrench Language & Culture

Taking AP® courses enables students to enhance their current education, gain valuable college credits, and intellectually challenge themselves.


At GWUOHS, we value supporting students as they develop and explore their academic curiosity. Therefore, we offer electives in a number of different academic disciplines. To graduate, students must earn three elective credits within one of these concentration areas. These concentration areas include:

These concentration areas include:
English Literature and CompositionSTEM ElectivesLiberal Arts Electives
For those interested in Entrepreneurship, they might take courses like:
MarketingInternational BusinessSports & Entertainment Marketing
For those interested in STEM, they might take courses like:
3D ModelingIntroduction to Computer ScienceWeb Design
Forensic ScienceAstronomyVeterinary Science
Anatomy & Physiology
For those interested in the Liberal Arts, they might take courses like:
Law & OrderFine ArtCreative WritingPublic Speaking

We strive to give our students the tools to learn about their interests and succeed academically to achieve their goals in college and beyond.

The Journeys Symposium

The Journeys Symposium is a course sequence unique to GWUOHS that takes students through a process of self-discovery, leading to a fulfilling high school experience and successful college placement. This flexibly structured voyage—interactive, introspective, and inspiring in equal measures—helps our students establish academic, social, and emotional skills as well as provides them with a framework for living life well. 

In the Symposium, students meet in online environments with the GWUOHS faculty, who help students navigate their passage from the classroom to the real world. Students receive the tools needed to wrestle more confidently with personal experience—which is key to their success in college and beyond.

Our college counselors develop these courses, align with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, and include the latest information and guidance for future college achievements and careers. ‌Our GWUOHS counselors also teach the courses, ensuring every student and Learning Coach knows their counselor throughout their high school journey.

The Capstone Project

Seniors at GWUOHS work to complete a capstone project over the course of their last year (this also serves as their last Journeys Symposium course). Seniors perform a literature review, partner with a mentor (with staff assistance), and develop a presentation (reading, video, PowerPoint, recording, etc.).

Individualized Academic Planning & Support

High school students at GWUOHS receive highly personalized and individualized attention and support from their academic advisors and college counselors throughout their academic journey. The advisor they start with is the advisor they graduate with—enabling students and advisors to build meaningful connections and really drive students toward their goals. Each year, they receive a new college counselor with specific, expert knowledge on their grade level and stage in the college-planning process.

Our advisors and counselors focus on the whole student, supporting students academically, socially, and emotionally. Advisors help tailor course schedules to each student’s future goals and work with counselors to develop an Individualized Academic Plan (IAP).

Weekly schedules are also individualized to meet the needs of each student. When building a student’s weekly schedule, advisors and parents might consider live class days/times, club participation, obligations outside of GWUOHS, and more. GWUOHS students always have their Academic Advisor’s guidance when developing a schedule that best suits their needs. 

College counselors work closely with GWUOHS students throughout the entire college preparation and application process. These counselors provide individualized support every step of the way, from standardized testing (ACT, SAT, etc.) and applications to essay and scholarship guidance.


Student Life & Socialization

High school students have the opportunity to engage in a number of clubs and activities with their peers. Each class has sponsors that help with grade-specific events, and students have the option to join a variety of clubs that might pique their interest.

Some examples of clubs include:
Baking ClubChess ClubDebate Club

Why Enroll at GWUOHS for High School

GWUOHS was designed for high-achieving students seeking a rigorous education, preparation for acceptance into top-tier universities, and a level of flexibility and independence that traditional schools cannot offer them.

Our students have extraordinary characteristics, which drive them in their academics and extracurricular activities. Our flexible and individualized model allows these talented and goal-oriented students to pursue their passions while preparing for a successful future.

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