The Part-Time Program at GWUOHS

Qualified students not enrolled in our full-time program may apply for our part-time options. We understand that each student’s educational journey is unique, so we offer a flexible and accessible program designed to meet the needs of students seeking a part-time online private school experience.

Why Consider Our Part-Time Program

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What’s included in our part-time program?

Students in our part-time program benefit from many aspects that make GWUOHS a unique and fulfilling option for our students.

Rigorous College Preparatory Courses

GWUOHS part-time offerings provide teens with access to rigorous and research-based courses that help prepare them academically for the challenges of college. With a focus on critical and creative thinking, oral and written communications, and quantitative operations, students develop the essential skills and competencies needed for higher education. Part-time students may take up to three classes per semester.

Flexibility to Pursue College Readiness

Supportive and Accessible Teachers

Individualized Academic Planning and Advising

Networking Opportunities and College Preparation Events

The AP® Excellence Program

Communication and Guidance

Students are each provided an advisor to supplement the AP® teacher’s work. Advisors communicate consistently with students to promote knowledge and skill sets essential for AP® success. Every AP® student and parent/Learning Coach is in contact with the AP® coordinator to ensure registration deadlines and documentation for AP® exams are met.


Students receive course credit for their work. Middle States Association accredits GWUOHS, and our strong accreditation means credits will transfer to applicable colleges and universities. AP® Excellence students are not eligible for a GWUOHS diploma.

This is exclusively a part-time offering. AP® Excellence students are not eligible for a GWUOHS diploma.

What are the policies & requirements for the part-time program?

GWUOHS part-time enrollment follows the traditional school year. Part-time students can enroll in a maximum of three courses per semester. 

Students receive a transcript after their school term at GWUOHS, signed and stamped by the school registrar, with the option of sending these transcripts to colleges and universities. A student wishing to substitute GWUOHS course credit for high school graduation requirements, must seek approval from their current school district before enrollment. Part-time students are not eligible for a GWUOHS diploma, but if the student converts to full-time enrollment, any credits earned from their part-time courses are treated as transferring credits.

What are the tuition & costs for the part-time program?

The GWUOHS part-time program is priced per course and varies depending on whether a student is in middle or high school. Prices may also vary between regular and AP® courses. Tuition includes:

  • Textbooks, workbooks, lab materials (as applicable)
  • Academic advising
  • Extensive, proactive teacher instruction and support
  • Small online classes conducive to meaningful discussion and engagement
  • Clubs and activities
  • Transcripts

Part-time courses can only be paid in full; unfortunately, we cannot offer payment plans for part-time courses.

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