Admissions Requirements at GWUOHS

When considering admission to The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS), we look at the whole application and accept students with a range of academic success. We aim to ensure that students’ self-motivation will enable them to adapt to and succeed with a rigorous curriculum.

Schedule of Application Reviews & Admissions

While we enroll students twice yearly for the fall and spring terms, we review and accept applications year-round. Those who apply with complete and thorough applications comfortably ahead of deadlines will receive our most thoughtful consideration. Since space is limited, we urge students and their families to apply as early as possible.

Standard Admissions Criteria

The head of school and associate head of school review each application, taking a holistic view of each student.

At GWUOHS, we look for successful academic history in our prospective students. We also review application essays, self-descriptions, and questionnaires to understand prospective students’ writing abilities better.

Additionally, we assess past credits to ensure prospective students are on track for graduation from GWUOHS. We want to ensure our students are prepared for the rigor of our curriculum and self-motivated to be successful on our online platform.