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At The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS), we offer a complete portfolio of comprehensive-level college preparatory courses, challenging honors courses, and Advanced Placement (AP)® courses that inspire high levels of thinking and allow students to deepen their knowledge in particular disciplines.

Comprehensive-Level Courses

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Honors Courses

Our honors courses include the same material as our comprehensive-level courses, but students are expected to work through these courses at a more rigorous pace. Students enrolled in honors courses should expect to spend more time on their coursework and should have strong time management skills to be successful.

Honors courses also include project components that are not in the comprehensive-level courses. These projects require higher level, critical thinking and are an opportunity for students to apply the course content in an innovative way. Some of the honors courses also require higher level questions on assessments.

We offer honors courses in all subject areas except for world languages.

Why take an honors-level course?

If a student plans to later take Advanced Placement (AP)® or dual-enrollment courses, honors courses can help them prepare for the rigor of these college-level courses. Additionally, when students are applying to colleges, honors courses can help them show a rigor in their course schedule as well as a commitment to their studies.

Enrolling in Honors Courses

To enroll in an honors-level course, students should have shown success in that content area in the past and meet all prerequisites for the course. Any prerequisites can be found in the course catalog.

Students, their Learning Coach, and their counselor will work together to decide if an honors-level course is best for them.

Advanced Placement (AP)® Courses

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