The Capstone Project at GWUOHS

The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) focuses on producing a premier educational experience from an academic standpoint and ensures that students grow to become well-rounded overall.

Completing the Capstone Project

The Work Involved in the Capstone Project

Students are supported in their Capstone work through their Journeys Symposium course with guidance and structured markers. Each component of the Capstone Project is covered weekly during the Journeys Symposium.
The students are provided with the Capstone Handbook toward the end of fall semester to get an overview of the project. Instruction for the Capstone Project begins in spring semester to ensure all seniors have adequate time to complete their college applications.
Seniors perform a literature review and develop a presentation (reading, video, PowerPoint, recording, etc.) for their project. All seniors present these projects as part of the Journeys Symposium course, and select seniors are invited to present on Capstone Day (the day before graduation).

Capston Mentor

To undertake their Capstone Project, seniors work with a mentor. Students must find their own mentor, and their mentor cannot be a family member or school staff member. Mentors must also be at least 21 years old and an expert or skilled in the field relevant to the student’s project. In the past, we’ve seen mentors from a variety of fields, including business, technology, education, healthcare, arts/music, sports, hospitality, and more.

Capstone Awards

During GWUOHS’ graduation ceremony, seniors are given Capstone Awards in the following areas:

Capstone Innovation Award:

This award recognizes the Capstone presentation that includes a bold, innovative idea that could contribute to new or different values/concepts.

Capstone Citizenship Award:

Recognition is given to the student who presented a Capstone concept that supports improvement for our society/citizens.

Overall Outstanding Capstone Presentation:

The Capstone judges deliberate to determine the student who exceeded all project criteria to produce an overall outstanding Capstone presentation.

Examples of Past Capstone Projects

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