How to Enroll at GWUOHS

Learn more about the admissions process at The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS). We’ll guide you through the process for joining our middle and high school community of students who are motivated, intellectually curious, and seeking a first-rate education.

Six Easy Steps to Apply Online

While we enroll students twice yearly, we review applications year-round for the fall and spring semesters. Since space is limited, we urge you to apply early and ensure your seat for the coming term.

1. Complete an Online Application Form

Whether enrolling full-time, part-time, or purchasing an individual AP® course, all applicants must create an account and complete the online application form within the Parent Portal.

2. Discuss Candidacy

Within 24 hours of completing the application, an enrollment coordinator will call you to discuss your candidacy and walk you through the enrollment process.

3. Complete Admissions Package

Full-time students are required to complete the admissions package. The admissions package is divided into four sections, which can be completed and submitted online through the Parent Portal.

4. Application Review & Decision

Our admissions committee will review your application and provide a decision within 2 weeks. Acceptance to our school is selective, and the quality and effort you put into your application are important. For instance, we read student essays with a sympathetic yet critical eye and high expectations.

5. Acceptance & Tuition Payment

Upon acceptance, please contact our office at 877.382.2015 to arrange tuition payment with an enrollment coordinator. No registration fee or down payment is  required. An enrollment coordinator can discuss any discounts or scholarships that are available to you.

6. Onboarding & Matriculation Preparation

After completing the previous steps, an admissions advisor will be assigned and schedule a conference to discuss course recommendations and transcript analysis, as needed.

Get Started With GWUOHS Today

Join a community of students and families reaching for and achieving their goals every day. Join an info session to learn more, or take the first step toward enrollment!