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Student paper? Yearbook? Service Learning? Clubs at GWUOHS are a great way to pursue interests and make new friends.

Teacher-Moderated, Student-Led

Even though these clubs are teacher-moderated, they are usually initiated and led by energetic students who want to engage with others sharing similar passions.

Students gather in a secure and inviting online environment where they discuss and explore topics that interest them, all under the guidance of a teacher. Such interactions result in the development of life-long friendships and create a strong community among our diverse student body. These clubs may meet once or more a month at a predefined date and time.

Clubs also provide leadership opportunities. There is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join, and we encourage our students to take a leadership role in one or more of these clubs.

School Club Listing

Book Club

The Book Club is a student-led group with the goal of broadening literary horizons. Students will read and discuss books based on peer recommendations or favorite genres of the group.

Meets the first Monday of each month, 4–5 PM ET
Mr. Humphrey:

GW Medical Team

This student-run club is for any student who is interested in pursuing a medical career. Meetings consist of student presentations, labs, videos, discussion and guest speakers.

Meets twice per month on varying days/times
Mrs. Keaton:

The GW Yawp

The student-run newspaper provides our student body and families with up-to-date information that is relevant to our school, nation and world.

Meets once per month on varying days/times
Mrs. Prim:


This is a club in which you will engage in service learning to build leadership skills, strengthen your college resume and enact community change through collaboration with your peers and community leaders.

Meets last Friday of the month from 10-11 AM ET
Mr. Kelly:

Math Lab

Peer tutoring for algebra, geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus

Meets Monday through Thursday at 1 PM ET beginning in October
Mrs. Zieman:

National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society

Students are selected to join NHS (grades 11–12) or NJHS (grade 8) based on academic achievement (3.33 GPA for NHS, "A" average for NJHS) and prior leadership or service experience. NHS and NJHS members participate in individual, group, and in-person service projects, lead social events for the school, and serve as representatives for our chapter at conferences or school events.

Meets Thursdays (TBA) monthly, 4-5 PM ET
Mr. Humphrey:

Photography Club

Photography club is a great place to share pictures and learn new techniques for taking as well as editing pictures. Students present their pictures and have a chance to share their techniques with their fellow student. Each semester we have a photo contest as well.

Meets last Thursday of each month at 4 PM ET
Mrs. Zieman:

Writing Center

Individual feedback from peer editors to assist in all things writing and MLA formatting and citations.

Meets twice per week
Mrs. Prim:

Yearbook Club

How will you be remembered? Create a memory of a lifetime with classmates as we gather photos and stories and publish a yearbook.

Meets every other Friday and on Skype to collaborate. We also have an online website where we compile and edit.
Dr. Chernich:

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