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Middle School Program

The GWUOHS Middle School program will serve students in grade 8 who are willing to cultivate and sustain a strong work ethic in preparation for success in high school and beyond.

GWUOHS Middle School will allow students to get a head start on:

  • Developing effective study skills
  • Engaging in activities that promote self-awareness and build high achievement
  • Working with top GWUOHS advisors
  • Taking GWUOHS High School courses for credit
  • Receiving high-touch instruction, advising and counseling

If your high-achieving, academically-driven child needs an individualized middle school program that provides a head start on developing effective study skills, teaches in-depth understanding of how choice and consequences work in their lives, and engages in activities that promote robust self-awareness, GWUOHS Middle School may be your solution.

Check out our course list to find out more about the quality education we provide to get kids on an early path to success.

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