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Graduation Requirements

Find out what credits are required for receiving a GWUOHS diploma.

A total of 24 Credits are required to graduate from The George Washington University Online High School. Each year, full-time students must earn a minimum of six simultaneous credits from GWUOHS courses to earn a GWUOHS diploma.

The minimum requirements for many colleges include: 4 years of English; 4 years of math (Algebra 1 or higher); 3 laboratory sciences; 3 years of social studies (including US and World history); and 3 years of a world language. This directly aligns with GWUOHS requirements for graduation. Students who plan to apply to highly selective colleges and universities should plan to take courses beyond this minimum, including 4 years of the same world language; 4 years of science; math through Trigonometry or Calculus; and 4 years of social studies. Students’ area of concentration will influence the course selections for 11th grade and/or 12th grade.

To receive a GWUOHS diploma students must:

1. Earn a total of 24 credits

2. Satisfy the core course requirements

    Classical Core

  • English - 4 Credits
  • Math - 4 Credits
  • Science - 3 Credits
  • History - 3 Credits (including US and World History)
  • World Language - 3 Credits (minimum of three levels of the same language)
  • Journeys Symposium - 4 Credits (depending on tenure at GWUOHS)

3. Satisfy the required 3 credits for concentration

    Area of Concentration

  • Liberal Arts Concentration - 3 credits
  • Science and Technology Concentration - 3 credits
  • Entrepreneurial Concentration - 3 credits

A counselor will work with each of our students to create a multi-year Individualized Academic Plan, tailored to reflect the student’s aptitude, college goals, interests, and skills.

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