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Students experience an engaging, challenging, and innovative curriculum that prepares them for the academics at top-tier colleges and universities.

At The George Washington University Online High School, we provide our students with engaging, challenging, and innovative curriculum that prepares them for the rigor of academics at top-tier colleges and universities.

GWUOHS uses best-in-class curriculum from the online leader, K12. K12 is renowned for its rigorous, research-driven design, compelling interactivity, ease-of-use, and integrated blend of online content with hands-on materials and outstanding books.

We offer a complete portfolio of college preparatory courses, including challenging Honors and Advanced Placement courses that inspire high levels of thinking and allow students to deepen their knowledge in particular disciplines. Our curriculum:

  • Provides a broad foundation in English, math, science, history, and world languages
  • Develops critical and creative thinking
  • Stresses competence in oral and written communication, as well as quantitative operations
  • Stimulates intellectual independence and curiosity

Download our middle school course list.

Download our high school course list.

Electives and the Concentration Option

The George Washington University OHS students have the opportunity to pursue a special interest or passion via over 50 elective courses, with choices that go far beyond what is typically available in most schools, whether public or private. Students can opt to pursue a Liberal Arts concentration, a Science and Technology concentration, or Entrepreneurship concentration when making elective choices. Please see our graduation requirements for more information.

Science and Technology Electives

GWUOHS Science and Technology electives are 21st-century courses for 21st-century students. From Digital Photography to C++ Programming to Game Design and 3D Animation, these exciting courses prepare students in a relevant and meaningful manner for the demands and careers of the technology-savvy world we live in.

Liberal Arts and World Language Electives

For high school students who want to explore a potential career direction, or who want to achieve greater knowledge in a particular subject, GWUOHS offers electives across a range of disciplines. From Fine Art to Journalism to Spanish, our high school elective courses span a wide variety of topics, and are another way we provide a high-quality, well-rounded, and individualized education.

Entrepreneurship Electives

For students with an entrepreneurial bent who want to explore a potential business career, GWUOHS offers electives across a range of disciplines to prepare them with knowledge to advance their interests. From Introduction to Entrepreneurship to Macroeconomics to

Marketing, our Entrepreneurship courses deliver a uniquely relevant learning experience.

World Languages

The George Washington University OHS students can choose from five world languages—Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and Latin—via the award-winning powerspeaK12 series of world language courses. This course series is offered through a partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages.

A two-time winner of the Teacher's Choice Award—among other accolades—powerspeaK12 is language learning designed specifically for children and teens.

These courses don't simply adapt adult language-learning products or rely exclusively on "listen and repeat," "trial and error," or "rote memorization" approaches to teaching new languages. Rather, powerspeaK12 courses are designed specifically for students, with an optimal mix of immersive, innovative yet proven methods that are woven together for a powerful learning experience.

Using a wide variety of effective, engaging methods, powerspeaK12 transforms language learners into "powerspeakers." AP-levels are available for Spanish and French.


It goes without saying that small class sizes and outstanding instructors are key to the success of any academic approach. We believe that we get to know our students as well, or even better, than faculty do at brick-and-mortar private institutions. And our faculty is a distinguished group of educators who love their subject matter, are thoroughly dedicated to their students, and have mastered the exciting world of online instruction. See profiles of our faculty here.

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