Student Clubs at GWUOHS

The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) encourages contribution to student life through school clubs and activities, representing our students' broad interests and talents.

Grade-Specific Activities & Events

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The Structure of Student Clubs: Teacher-Moderated, Student-Led

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Even though our clubs are teacher-moderated, they’re usually initiated and led by students who want to engage with others who share similar passions.


Students gather in a secure and inviting online environment where they discuss and explore topics that interest them, all under the guidance of a teacher. Such interactions develop life-long friendships and create a strong community among our diverse student body. These clubs may meet once or more a month at a predefined date and time.


Clubs also provide leadership opportunities. There is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join, and we encourage our students to take a leadership role in one or more of these clubs.

Club Listings

A3 Club (Arts & Animation)

Create and share artwork with your classmates. All materials and mediums are welcome, and you are encouraged to try different mediums such as digital art, animation, origami, pencil, ink, and marker.

Amnesty International Club

The GWUOHS Amnesty International Club is dedicated to ending human rights abuses, both globally and within the U.S. Through campaigns and advocacy, we bring light to issues affecting society’s most vulnerable groups. Amnesty International gives students the opportunity to contact their elected officials directly, attend workshops and seminars, and learn more about human rights issues around the world.

Baking Club

Join the Baking Club for monthly group bakes and lots of foodie fun. We plan to bake pet treats, explore gluten-free baking, and share our favorite recipes in student-led bakes.

Chess Club

Chess club is a place for amateur and experienced chess players to come together to learn more about the game and practice together. Students will meet regularly to play and get guidance from the club sponsor on their chess skills.

The Chronicle of the Yawp (Student Newspaper)

The student-run newspaper provides our student body and families with up-to-date information relevant to our school, nation, and world.

Cybersecurity Club

The Cybersecurity Club seeks to help students develop and utilize their skills in technology and forensics. Multiple competitions throughout the school year teach students how to utilize security techniques like Linux and scripting properly but also offer the opportunity for outside scholarships and practical experience.

Debate Club

Members learn vital skills such as public speaking, rebuttal techniques, and leadership. Members also learn research, analysis, and note-taking skills. During the meetings, members perform practices that better their overall debate skills and compete with their assigned partner in our club league once each month in a Public Forum debate. Along with this, the club hosts and participates in a student vs. staff school-wide debate, and the club members work to participate in national debate competitions.

Diversity & Inclusion Club

This club works to promote a positive school culture that is accepting of all individuals. We host events celebrating different cultures and communities, including Black History Month and Pride Month, and encourage cultural awareness within the school and student community.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club focuses on bringing awareness to various environmental issues and spreading sustainable solutions. The club meets regularly to learn and discuss topics relating to the climate crisis, wildlife protection, pollution, natural resource depletion, and more. We aim to teach about conservation, preservation, and restoration in hopes of inspiring GWUOHS students to advocate for a greener environment.

Film Club

The Film Club is the right place to be if you enjoy visual storytelling, writing, editing, or if you just want to make your own movie! This club focuses on building your own short film from the ground up, from brainstorming an idea to formatting a screenplay and making it come to life! We learn about story structure, screenwriting, directing, editing, and other film industry jobs such as producing and assisting. At the end of both semesters, everyone will have created a short film and will have the opportunity to show it off to their fellow members!

Finer Things Club

Are you creative and analytical? This is the club for you! The Finer Things Club brings together creative types and those who appreciate art and literature. Students participate by sharing their writing, photography, music, or other art. Student work is also compiled in an annual literary magazine.

French Club

French Club is open to students of French and all students who would like to learn more about francophone (French-speaking) cultures from around the world! We learn about recipes and cooking, music, traditions, and different French-speaking regions worldwide! Club meetings are conducted in English with a small dash of French.

French Honor Society

Students are eligible for the French Honor Society after taking both French I and II and earning A’s in both courses. After confirming grades, students will have an initiation ceremony to become official members! Leadership opportunities (President, VP, etc.) are also available in the French Honor Society.

Gaming Club

This club is dedicated to building a respectful and fun gaming community, available for gamers of most platforms. Students learn good sportsmanship skills while discussing and enjoying their favorite games with fellow GWUOHS students.

Girlboss Club

This is a club for anyone who identifies as female. It is a club to build each other up, increase confidence and self-esteem, and encourage other females. This is an informal space for emotional support for girls. Discussion topics may include self-image, self-esteem, building trust, and confidence.

Global Cafe

Global Café is a space for international students to connect and meet at times more suitable to their schedules. U.S.-based students interested in a broader community are also very welcome. The club will meet regularly to share information about each other’s countries, provide real-time student interaction, and enhance the overall GWUOHS community.

The GW Book Club

The GW Book Club is a group of readers! Our club is dedicated to reading and analyzing great books. We read a new book each month, and members of the GW Book Club participate in a monthly meeting where we discuss books and have fun! This club helps members develop their critical-thinking and analysis skills through our monthly discussions. We explore books together and create a friendly environment with our fellow readers. All GWUOHS students are welcome!

GW D&D Club

The GW D&D club welcomes new and experienced players alike – here, we introduce new students to Dungeons & Dragons, one of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying games. Students also get together to play, have fun, and discuss and share thoughts and stories on various TTRPGs, mechanics, plots, characters, etc.

GW Medical Team

This student-run club is for anyone interested in pursuing a medical career. Meetings include student presentations, labs, videos, discussions, and guest speakers. We also try to have at least one in-person event per year (when possible).

GWUOHS Mentor & Peer Leader Programs

The GWUOHS Mentor and Peer Leader Programs allow students to get to know their peers and be a leader in the GWUOHS student community. The GWUOHS Peer Mentor program supports students transitioning from 8th grade to high school. The GWUOHS Peer Leader program supports students new to GWUOHS.

GWUOHS News Show

This student-run news show spotlights school events and student successes throughout the year. Members work as a team to produce bi-weekly segments to share with the student body. You can step into multiple positions with this club, including writer, editor, and newscaster. This is run as a sub-committee of the student council and led by the council’s annually elected PR Director.

GWUOHS Philosophy Club

The philosophy club focuses on the introduction, interpretation, and debates of philosophers, philosophical styles, and ideas through history. We investigate context events surrounding philosophers, long-term influence, and controversies over the centuries. Get comfortable with having your ideas challenged!

GWUOHS Yearbook Club

Create a memory of a lifetime with classmates as we gather photos and stories and publish a yearbook.

Law Club

The Law Club is a place for all students interested in learning about law in the U.S. and around the world! Members meet every month to discuss current legal issues and learn about career opportunities in law.


In this club, you engage in service learning to build leadership skills, strengthen your college, and enact community change through collaboration with your peers and community leaders. Members also engage in community service, intending to accumulate enough hours to be awarded a Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

LGBTQ+ Allies Club

The club’s mission is to create a safe community for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. Students should expect LGBTQ+-themed discussions and history lessons.

The Magic of Animation Club

Our club views and discusses Disney works through the lens of 20th- and 21st-century history and examines subtexts present in the films.

Math Lab

Peer tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus

MCU & You

Marvel fans assemble! In the MCU & You Club, we meet monthly to discuss all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! Meetings consist of deep dives into past, present, and future MCU films! We discuss elements such as movie plots, overall ratings, fan theories, and more!

Meditation Club

Join us every other Monday for 30 minutes of guided meditation. We begin each session with a short discussion on the benefits of meditation and how to find the most comfortable place and position for your meditation experience. We practice various meditation exercises; Energizing meditation, Calming meditation, and Thankfulness mediation are just a few examples. Join us to see how guided meditation can help improve your mindset each day of the week.

Mental Health Club

Club members engage in education about various mental disorders while learning how to gauge and cope with one’s mental health. Meetings include open discussions and fun activities to promote a positive understanding of mental wellness and help club members navigate their emotional health.

Model UN

Model United Nations (Model UN, or MUN) is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) creates a community for Muslim and non-Muslim students at GWUOHS. The club is not limited to Muslim students; anyone interested is welcome to join. The MSA meets every two weeks and covers a wide variety of activities like having guest speakers, discussing challenges that Muslims face, and engaging in community service projects.

National Honor Society

Students are selected to join NHS (grades 11–12) based on academic achievement and prior leadership or service experience. NHS members participate in individual, group, and in-person service projects, lead social events for the school, and serve as representatives for our chapter at conferences or school events.

National Junior Honor Society

Students are selected to join NJHS (grade 8) based on academic achievement and prior leadership or service experience. NJHS members participate in individual, group, and in-person service projects, lead social events for the school, and serve as representatives for our chapter at conferences or school events.

Performing Arts Club

The PAC is a place where performing artists can come together and hone their craft openly and collaboratively, and where students interested in participating in the performing arts for the first time can do so in a safe and welcoming environment. The PAC includes Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Dancers, Visual Artists, and Actors. Each semester, we hold a performance.

Photography Club

Photography club is a great place to share pictures and learn new techniques for taking and editing pictures. Students present their pictures and have a chance to share their techniques with their fellow students. Each semester, we have a photo contest.

Plant Life Club

This club focuses on those who are vegetarians and those who would like to reduce their meat consumption.

Programming Club

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting to learn, this club is for you! All levels are welcome.​ We explore programming and web development topics and explore live coding challenges.

Spanish Honor Society

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is an honor society for selected students enrolled in Spanish 3 and AP Spanish. Students are eligible after taking Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 with an A in both courses. There are many opportunities to practice the language and learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Leadership positions are offered. Students can participate in community service projects, lead events for school, publish for a Spanish magazine, and other exciting activities!

Sports Club

During meetings, we share opinions, participate in discussions about sports teams and events, and get news updates regarding different sports and their leagues, like NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL. We also play trivia games on sports-related topics and players and discuss careers in sports. Additionally, we invite guest speakers who are athletes or sports reporters to speak with the club.


STEM Club is open to any GWUOHS student interested in learning about the many fields and careers available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics! We discuss current events in STEM around the globe, learn from guest speakers, play games, and explore STEM competitions.

Spanish Tutoring Lab

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica members will offer tutoring to Spanish students who need help with the class. Our tutors will be A students of Spanish 3 and AP Spanish Language classes. The Spanish Tutoring Lab is open to all students.

Student Council

The Student Council consists of a group of students that their peers elect to represent them for the school year. The Student Council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events, members also act as the voice of the student body, serving as liaison between students and administration. Elections for positions within this club are held at the beginning of the Fall Semester each year.

Study Buddies

Do you need help staying on track? Or do you just want someone to help keep you accountable? Study Buddies is a club to help students create useful study habits with the help of a partner. Our monthly meetings also teach different tips to help students excel in their classes.

USA Bio Olympiad Club

The Bio Olympiad Club serves students at GWUOHS with a passion and interest in biology. As a club, we prepare each student to successfully compete nationally and internationally in a multi-leveled system of exams organized by the USABO. Throughout the year, we dive deeper into biological concepts learned in class as we seek to understand biology in the world around us. Club meetings consist of engaging biology discussions, lessons from esteemed professionals, and much more!

Women’s Empowerment Club

Our club focuses on empowering and inspiring girls to believe in themselves, do their best, and succeed in their goals and passions in the future. We examine successful female individuals of all ethnicities and groups across various industries and practices, as well as focus on gender equality issues still prevalent in the workforce and society. All genders are welcome to join!

World Language Immersion Lab

At WLIL, we provide a collaborative and fun environment where you can practice or improve your communication skills in a world language. All our students are welcome to  join us via Class Connect every week to meet with our language facilitators. 

If you would like to support our team as a facilitator, please contact us at Language facilitators should be fluent/advanced in a world language.

Writing Lab

Student Writing Guides provide writing guidance to students and give presentations to the school​.
Interested in becoming a Student Writing Guide? Just contact Mr. Humphrey via email or Skype to sign up!​

YES (Young Entrepreneur and Stocks) Club

Are you curious about what it takes to become an Entrepreneur? Do you want to know how to start and grow a small business? Let the YES Club foster creative ideas, support goals, and promote opportunities to realize your entrepreneurial projects. Join us for notable guest speakers, outside resources, channels to network, and much more!

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