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Student paper? Yearbook? Service Learning? Clubs at GWUOHS are a great way to pursue interests and make new friends.

Teacher-Moderated, Student-Led

Even though these clubs are teacher-moderated, they are usually initiated and led by energetic students who want to engage with others sharing similar passions.

Students gather in a secure and inviting online environment where they discuss and explore topics that interest them, all under the guidance of a teacher. Such interactions result in the development of life-long friendships and create a strong community among our diverse student body. These clubs may meet once or more a month at a predefined date and time.

Clubs also provide leadership opportunities. There is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join, and we encourage our students to take a leadership role in one or more of these clubs.

School Club Listing

The GWUOHS Newspaper Club: The GW Yawp is a student-based, student-focused, and student-run high school newspaper, with a faculty advisor. Students write and submit their articles to Yawp editors who post those articles and maintain our website. The staff are dedicated to bettering themselves as writers and committed to providing readers an insightful and entertaining approach to the news. Feel free to browse our writing and check us out at:

The GWUOHS Service Learning Club is designed to give GWUOHS students an opportunity to serve their community, school, and world in a variety of ways. Service learning provides students with a strong foundation in leadership, hard work, integrity, compassion, and an appreciation of diversity. It further challenges students to set high personal expectations as they identify societal needs and ways to meet those needs. The GWUOHS Service Learning Club is an extension of our regular curriculum and provides students with a practical opportunity to serve the community as a whole.

GWUOHS the VOICE offers our students a place to listen and be heard. The entirely run student club seeks out the questions, concerns, complaints and suggestions of their classmates. Together they meet regularly where they speak, listen, and discuss in order to take action and ensure that their classmates VOICES are heard and their needs are met.

The GWUOHS Writing Center emulates writing centers found on college campuses by operating a virtual facility daily for our student population. This 9-12th grade center provides virtual support ensuring all writers have a listening ear and personal feedback. Student-editors guide the writing of their peers through careful questioning and thoughtful dialogue, furthering their own understanding of writing as well as those who seek help from them. No matter the writer, student-editors at the GWUOHS Writing Center are available to give constructive and sincere support; continuing to prove that writing is essential in our daily lives. The GWUOHS Writing Center provides feedback on all writing types: class essays, personal manuscripts, college application essays, and professional writing. Where there is writing to be nurtured, there is The GWUOHS Writing Center.

The GWUOHS Yearbook provides a way for students to chronicle their experiences at the GWU Online High School. The yearbook is compiled and edited by the student-led Yearbook Committee. Students utilize the latest technology to construct this time capsule. The Yearbook will contain photographs and written accounts that cover every important event in the school year at GWUOHS. Documenting everything from Spirit Week to school trips abroad, the GWUOHS Yearbook is something that students will treasure for years ahead.

The GWUOHS Math Club coming soon!


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