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Graduates attend their Commencement on The George Washington University campus.

Commencement weekend is held on the campus of The George Washington University and includes Capstone Project Presentations, Commencement Ceremony, and Reception.

In the Graduation Ceremony, graduates are given a stole that signifies their concentration of study along with their high school diploma. Students are treated to a prominent keynote speaker. GWUOHS and GWU faculty members are also on hand and address and congratulate the students. Parents and close friends are welcome.

2019 Graduation Ceremony

Capstone Projects

Seniors, as part of their Graduation requirements, create and present a year-long project of their interest or passion. Seniors perform a literature review, partner with a mentor (with staff assistance), and develop a presentation (Reading, Video, Powerpoint, Recording, etc.). Students are supported in their Journeys Symposium over the year with guidance and structured markers. Seniors present these projects in front of the Graduation Assembly and are eligible to take part in the Graduation ceremony when complete. Some notable projects on the past have included: Green Design Architecture via Computer Modeling, An Electrical Engineering (Installation of recessed lighting) video, and the writing, publication, and public reading of a novel.

During GWUOHS' in-person graduation ceremony, Capstone Awards are given to seniors in the following areas:

  • Capstone Innovation Award—This award recognizes the Capstone Presentation that includes a bold, innovative idea that could contribute to new or different values/concepts.
  • Capstone Citizenship Award—Recognition is given to the student who presented a Capstone concept that supports improvement for our society/citizens.
  • Overall Outstanding Capstone Presentation—The Capstone judges deliberate to determine the student who exceeded all project criteria to produce an overall outstanding Capstone presentation.

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