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George Washington University Benefits

The George Washington University (GW) provides GWUOHS students with unique benefits, including an exclusive guidance and application process.  

  • GW offers a dedicated admissions director to assist GWUOHS students with the university admissions process—no other secondary school enjoys this level of service or access.
  •  In addition, there is no GW application fee for GWUOHS students.

According to Karen Felton, GW’s former Dean of Admissions, a dedicated admissions director is there to answer any questions a student may have about qualifying for admission to the university, and to build relationships with GWUOHS students who show promise to be a good fit for GW. The admissions director who works with GWUOHS students “is highly knowledgeable about the admissions process at GW. He is quite adept at helping students understand how their unique experiences at GWUOHS can help prepare them for college.” 
Several GWUOHS alumni have enrolled at GW, so it’s clear the high school is doing an excellent job with college prep.  
As Ms. Felton states, “As a competitive institution, our admissions committee wants students to be well-prepared for college-level study.  We look for students who are self-sufficient, motivated, bright, engaged, and engaging. We typically see these qualities in applicants from GWUOHS which makes them especially competitive for admission to GW.”

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