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What Parents & Students Say

First-hand statements from those who know GWUOHS best.
We're so gratified by the great things we hear from parents and students about our school. Learn from one of students, Joseph, about why he chose GWUOHS.


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“GWUOHS helped me to grow as a person and take on leadership roles I would not have been able to if I attended a traditional school.”


Sarah H.

“I believe that you, Dr. Kimmons, Ms. Keaton, Mr. Humphrey and the other talented teachers at GWUOHS should be proud of yourselves too!  It's largely because of what the GWUOHS experience has provided to Collin that has allowed him to have these opportunities and success.  When we came to you 3+ years ago we had a child that was defeated by a broken educational system because he didn't fit and was forced to be defined as a failure by his unique learning style. What we have now is a very confident, successful and resilient young adult that is making a difference in people's lives and in our world every day.  I am very grateful to all of you for the positive impact that you have had on our lives.”


L Barker

GW has provided my daughter with everything a parent would want in a school; she is not only growing academically but also personally. By combining K12's high-quality curriculum, the Journeys Symposium course, and a staff that truly cares about each individual student, GW has created a program that is challenging her on many levels. In a world that has become so focused on test scores and grades, it is great to have a school that understands there is so much more and that focuses on educating the whole student.

Debbie S.

As a professional writer and well-known international Internet communications expert, I would like to stress how impressed I am by The George Washington University Online High School. The quality of the courses is far superior to anything we have experienced in our ‘real' schools; the demands are high for the student who is forced to be focused and accountable to what he/she is studying. Furthermore, the learning processes are varied, ensuring not only that the subject matter is mastered but also that it is interesting, compelling, and fun. Equally, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the support offered by teachers and administration alike.

Susan R.

I really like the individualized attention our daughter has received from the GWUOHS administration, staff, and teachers. Her advisor has really worked to get to know as much about our daughter as she can in order to help her succeed and reach her goals. GWUOHS has challenged her to stretch herself academically, socially, and emotionally as it instills a greater knowledge and understanding in her of vital core values, such as compassion, integrity, effort, awareness, and acceptance of diversity. All the skills she is embracing at GWUOHS will help her greatly in school and beyond.

Dana T.

I was having trouble at my brick and mortar school last year and my parents started looking at other options. When we found out about K12 we looked through the list of schools and saw GWUHOS and knew it was for me. I was bored with my classes at my old school and there was too much social tension so online seemed like the way to go; and it was! I love everything about GWUHOS from the small classes to the wonderful teachers and gripping course content.

Susie C.

I think that the first thing people think of when they hear ‘online school’ or when kids are considering online school, is they’re really afraid of losing their friends or of missing the social component of a brick and mortar. But the community that I have at GW, versus the community that I had in homeschooling and that I had in my brick and mortar school, is so much better!

Carly L.

It's been so great, this online high school is absolutely amazing. The best part, honestly, is how much the teachers love their jobs. That was always a problem in high school, getting a teacher who just didn't want to be there.

Clif P.

My daughter's GWUOHS experience has been fantastic. It is so different than the other online school she participated in last year. We love how social it is for her and the amazing constant contact and communication with her teachers. She has always loved school, but she is super enthusiastic about her studies this year. She especially loves how quick her grades come back and the caring support she receives from Mrs. Brownlow.

Julie C.