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K¹² Build a Mobile App Contest

Do you love science and technology? Have you got a great idea for a mobile app? The K¹² Build a Mobile App Contest is your opportunity to put your skills to the test.

The theme for this brand new contest is “The World of Science.” Your challenge is to create an app based on one of these themes:

  • Earth and the Environment – For example, you might create an app about climate changes, “green” energy sources, or the weather.
  • Space and the Solar System – How about an app featuring the 2013 Solar Maximum, the time when the number of sunspots and solar activity peaks? Or maybe one about the Mars Rover?
  • Transportation – Maybe you’d like to build an app around ancient v. modern travel, or vehicular physics.

A team of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experts will review all entries and select the top three apps. The three winners will each receive an iPad Mini. Every student who submits an app will receive a certificate of participation.

Due to the complexity involved in building an app, the K¹² Build a Mobile App Contest is open to all students ages 13 to 18. A project like this takes time, so don’t wait—get started on building your idea today.