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GWUOHS Enables Student Luca Lim to Compete in Olympic Trials

As featured on ABC7, 17-year-old Luca Lim is making waves in the sport of speedskating, competing in the U.S. Olympic trials this year. Thanks to GWUOHS, Luca is able to spend more time practicing while continuing his education. (Originally covered by ABC7)

GWUOHS Student Educates While Climbing to Olympics Dream

George Washington University Online High School student and climber Tesla Mitchell shares her passion for climbing in an interview with Phoenix News. As she climbs towards her goal of competing in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as part of the newest portion — climbing — she’s also working to educate others on the true sport of climbing. (Originally covered by the K12 Newsroom)

GWUOHS 4-Time Junior Olympian Striving for Olympics Post-Grad

Molly, a student at George Washington University Online High School and a four-time junior Olympian, has her sights set on competing in water polo at the Olympics in the future. (Originally covered by Stride News)

GWUOHS Student Christian Eckes Balances School & Racing

Cornelius Today: Senior Christian Eckes says going to school online is a “tremendous help” as he keeps up with a hectic stock car racing schedule. Christian has been racing cars since he was only 9 years old! (Originally covered by the K12 Newsroom)

GWUOHS’s Ellie Spedulva Climbing to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

George Washington University Online High School student Ellie Sepulveda shares with WJLA ABC 7's Victoria Sanchez how she found her passion for speed climbing. Five years later, Ellie is working towards her goal of being one of the 40 athletes to compete at the debut of the climbing portion at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. (Originally covered by ABC7/WJLA)

GWUOHS Figure Skater Emilia Murdock Eyes 2022 Winter Olympics

Figure skating started as a hobby for 15-year-old Emilia Murdock, but she quickly learned that she has big dreams of competing at the Olympic level. Two years ago, Emilia enrolled in online school, enabling her to train at an elite level without sacrificing her education. (Originally covered by 12 News Connecticut)